• Majority Black Owned Construction Company
    First class service delivery
  • Our priority focus is
    Social and community upliftment
  • Collectively our experience presents more than
    150 years of Civil Construction

About us
SA Construction Group

SA Construction Group is a majority Black Owned construction company operating from their Head office in Blackheath (Cape Town, South Africa), offering all clients first class service delivery and peace of mind that each individual project is addressed and undertaken in the interest of the client’s needs and within the ambit of all regulations associated with the nature of the proposed work. High on the priority focus list is social and community upliftment through project involvement (local labour employment), wherever the nature of the work allows for such.

With an array of diverse expertise and specialisation across a broad spectrum of construction, it made sound business sense to create several specialised entities operating synergistically within one entity, ensuring effective efficient utilisation of all shared resources. Projects are undertaken and delivered “On Time, within Budget and according to the Client’s Specification”.

It is with the above in mind that the Executive Team lead by Julian Daniels opted for several medium sized companies as opposed to one massive one. The companies have drawn in several external directors with their own experience ensuring diversity in all aspects.

SA Construction Group consists of:

Nejeni Construction

Nejeni Construction

Nejeni Construction specialises in General Civil Construction work with a CIDB 8CE/1ME and ISO9001 Accreditation.
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UFP Consultants

UFP Consultants specialises in strategic planning, implementation and evaluation for equitable, efficient, and sustainable water service delivery.
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Umdla Civils

Umdla Civils

Umdla specialises in plumbing and building works as well as infrastructure maintenance with a CIDB 7SO/7GB Accreditation.
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